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    • 04/14/2017
    • 07/01/2017
    • Rowland Heights

    Can you make an impact on someone's life?

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    Become a Counselor and make a difference!
    Are you, or is someone you know, looking for a life-changing summer experience?
    2016 STC Youth Leadership Camp is looking for volunteers to join our team! We are looking for people who care and make a positive impact on the youth of today.

    • 17 Years of age or above.
    • Able to participate in 2 whole weeks (7/17 - 7/30).
    • Have transportation and is able to drive.
    • Similar prior camp experiences preferred.
    • Able to participate in training and interviews.

    • Become a better leader and role model.
    • Work with community and business leaders.
    • Internship and mentorship possibilities.
    • Scholarship Opportunities (Restrictions apply).
    • Great resume builder for colleges and jobs.
    • Certificate recognition from dignitaries. (i.e. Congressmen,    U.S. Presidential Award, etc.)

    For inquires please email to

    Scholarship Opportunity Eligible for Qualified Applicants

    About STC YLC
    Since its inception by STC Foundation in 2012, STC Youth Leadership Camp has been a program dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of our future generations. We place great emphasis on elements beyond the academics and encourage our students to work towards bettering themselves and the world around them.

    • 07/17/2017
    • 07/30/2017
    • New STC Center, 1040 S. Otterbein Ave., Rowland Heights, CA 91748

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    (expires 7/14/17)
    When your family and friends enroll in YLC 2017, both of you will receive up to $50 ($25 per referral) refund at the end of our program!!!

    Every year, STC Youth Leadership Camp's curriculum covers a wide array of activities! Please see below for some of the signature classes for YLC.

    2017 Curriculum:

    • Community Services such as Adopt-A-Highway
    • Special Programs including Social Dances and Dining Etiquette
    • Field Trips with Hands-On Experiences such as California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
    • Special Topic seminar on Bullying in school, Safety protocols in emergency situations in schools, Financial responsibility, etc.
    • Physical Exercises and Team Building Projects
    • Leadership Workshops such as public speaking
    • Public Service Facility Visits
    • Cultural Awareness Days for this year is Jamaica and Bhutan
    • 3 Day 2 Night Post Graduation Camping

    1. Participants shall be in good health as strenuous outdoor and indoor exercises and activities will be involved.
    2. Participants shall be responsible for their own transportation to the class facility.
    3. Participants shall comply with all rules and regulations and acknowledge that the involvement with the program may be suspended or involuntarily terminated prematurely at the discretion of the teaching staff.
    Participants must between the age 13 - 16

    If you would like more information, please contact us. or call 866-782-4006 ext: 117

    All Inclusive Package ($700)


    • One Year STC Foundation Membership Fee
    • Two Weeks Program Fee with lunches
    • Field Trips and Transportation Fee
    • Program Material Costs
    • 3 Day 2 Night Camping and Meals Fee.
    • All payments are final and non-refundable.

    Calling for Counselors!!!

    YLC Counselor Requirements
    Ages: 18 and above
    Availability from week of 7/17 to 7/30

    Scholarship opportunity available.

    For More Information, Please Contact:

    Referral Program

    UP TO $50! ENDS ON JULY 14!

    The maximum amount of referral refunds available to any individual student is $50.

    Referrals and any associated refunds are unique and non-transferable between people or charges.

    A valid referral per this program must have both referring and referred parties as registered and paid YLC students in order to qualify for this promotion.

    Terms and conditions are subject to change. Additional restrictions may apply.

    Registered students as of the start of this promotion (6/27/2017) are eligible only for referral refunds by inviting new students to join.

    Refunds will be made available on the last day of the YLC Program prior to departure to the overnight camp. Additional instructions will be forwarded to promotion qualifiers at a later date.

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