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    • 09/16/2017
    • 04/14/2018
    • 3 sessions
    • Rowland Heights

    "Adopt A Highway"

    What better ways to show our children how to respect and love our neighborhood?

    We love our community by keeping it clean!




     Join us!  Join us! Join us! 

    See our team at work!

    The Route

    STC Foundation joined the Adopt-A-Highway Program since 2012.  Our dedicated route is the highly trafficked Fullerton Road. You have probably seen us doing the clean up on Saturdays!  It's nothing more rewarding than seeing our street free of littering after clean up. 

    The Adopt A Highway Program

    "The program originated in the 1980s when James Evans, an engineer for the Texas Department of Transportation, saw debris flying out of a pickup truck bed. Litter cleanup by the city was expensive, so Evans sought the help of local groups to sponsor the cleaning of sections of the highway. The efforts of Billy Black, a public information officer, led to quarterly cleanup cycles, volunteer safety training, the issuing of reflective vests and equipment, and the posting of adopt-a-highway signs."  ~~Wikipedia


    Q: What is the length we have to clean?

    A: Our route starts from Colima Road to Pathfinder.  Along the streets of Fullerton Road. It is just under 2 miles.  Please see above for the map.

    Q: How long is the duration of the event?

    A: We meet at 9AM in the morning.  We can usually conclude around noontime.  Of course, if we have more people, the sooner we can finish the job!

    Q: Do I have be a STC Foundation member to sign up?

    A: No.  This event is open to public.  Anyone whose interested in participate in cleaning up our community streets is free to sign up.

    Q: Where do we meet up?

    A: Yes Plaza, 1715 Colima Road, Rowland Heights, CA 91748

    Q: How do I sign up?

    A: Please sign up via the link on the upper left side of this webpage.  Our contact person will update you for details.

    Q: What if I have more questions?

    A: Please contact us at or call (562) 695-1513 ext. 121, Keith

    Q: Do I have to sign up for all of the dates?

    A: No.  Volunteers may sign up for one or more dates via availability.  However, if dates cannot be met after sign up, please contact us as soon as possible.

    Contact us at:

    (562) 695-1513 ext. 121, Keith  or

    (562) 695-1513 ext. 128, Roger

    • 02/24/2018
    • 03/03/2018
    • 2 sessions
    • 1040 S Otterbein Ave, Rowland Heights, CA

    Beginner Photoshop for Business

    Two-Part Course • 2/24/2018 and 3/3/2018

    $25 FOR TWO SESSIONS (2個梯次的課程)

    Payment onsite only.

    Do you have a copy Adobe Photoshop sitting at the corner of your computer, but is intimidated to use because the operation feel like a mystery every time the software is launch?  Do you ever have to a simple layout but have to rely on word or power point, however never was able to achieve the desired effect?

    你有沒有Adobe Photoshop存在你的電腦角落,但是無法使用,因為每次打開軟件都有如進入了迷宮。 也許您也曾想將一些簡單的排版但始終無法用Word或Powerpoint達到想要的效果? 

    Adobe Photoshop has been on the market for almost 30 years and has been a trusted resource for artists and graphic designers alike. Today, Photoshop still takes a large part of the market, with its minor competitors permeating rest of the market share.  It can be a powerful tool for all types of graphical purposes... that is if you know how to use it! 

    Adobe Photoshop已經上市近30年,一直是藝術家和平面設計師的可靠夥伴。今天,Photoshop依然是一個強大的工具。如果您知道如何使用它,它會是您最好的省錢利器!

    STC Foundation is dedicating a 2-part course for Photoshop amateurs that they may gain some knowledge regarding the program. These classes are for those who have little or no experience with Photoshop, and those who got overwhelmed with all of the tools, functions and terminology. We will go through tools, work spaces, filters and working procedures in this lesson.  At the end of program, you will learn how to prepare simple artwork such as business cards or online graphics for production purposes!

    STC Foundation 將為Photoshop初學者提供了一個2個梯次的課程。我們將幫助您獲得入門知識,讓對Photoshop幾乎沒有經驗的,及被那些複雜的功能表和術語困惑的人,能在這個軟體裡操縱自如。在課程結束時,您將學習到如何排版及如何像專家一樣準備網頁及印刷用的圖稿.

    $25 FOR TWO SESSIONS (2個梯次的課程) 

    FREE for STC Foundation Members
    (active and valid membership required)
        STC Foundation 會員免費

    The class will be in English and Mandarin,

    and demonstrated in Photoshop CS6

    課程將使用英語和中文教學,並用Photoshop CS6示範


    2/24/2018 10:30AM to 12:00PM

    Tools, work space and vocabularies.


    3/3/2018 10:30AM to 12:00PM

    Using layers, non-destructive editing and filters.  Producing artwork for web or print productions.



    Students must bring their own laptop, with their own copy of Photoshop installed (CS5 or above). The laptop is required to be fully charged before each course begins.  The facility will not provide electricity, software or additional equipment during the class.



    All proceeds will go to support the STC Youth Leadership Curriculum. 

    Find out more about STC YLC here

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