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2016 STC Youth Leadership Camp

  • 07/18/2016
  • 07/31/2016
  • Rowland Heights Facility


  • All inclusive program fee (One-Year STC Foundation Membership Included).

Registration is closed

2016 STC Youth Leadership Camp has start to accept applicants!

Download 2016 Youth Leadership Camp Flyer Here

Every year, STC Youth Leadership Camp's curriculum covers a wide array of activities! Please see below for some of the signature classes for YLC

2015 YLC
2015 Youth Leadershp Camp

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Signature Classes of STC Youth Leadership Camp

  • Community Services such as Adopt-A-Highway
  • Special Programs including Social Dances and Dinning Etiquette
  • Field Trips with Hands-On Experiences
  • Physical Exercises and Team Building Projects
  • Special Topic Seminars
  • Public Service Facility Visits
  • Museum Visits
  • Culture Awareness
  • 3 Day 2 Night Post Graduation Camping
Sample Classes of 2016 YLC
  • Community Services
  • Cultural awareness day
  • Understanding equestrian
  • Etiquette tips on hosting and social dance.
  • Self defense
  • Team building
  • Special lecture class on the subject of cyber bullying, public speaking and special internship.
  • and much more.....
If you would like more information, please contact us.
ylc@stc-foundation.org or call 866-782-4006 ext: 117


1. Participants shall be in good health as strenuous outdoor and indoor exercises and activities will be involved.
2. Participants shall be responsible for their own transportation to the class facility
3. Participants shall comply with all rules and regulations and acknowledge that the involvement with the program may be suspended or involuntarily terminated prematurely at the discretion of the teaching staff.
Participants must between the age 13 - 16

Special Offer 特別優惠價

All Inclusive Package ($500)
  • One Year STC Foundation Membership Fee
  • Two Weeks Program Fee
  • Ten Catered Lunches
  • Field Trips with Transportation Fee
  • Program Material Costs
  • 3 Day 2 Night Camping and Meals Fee.
  • STC Foundation Members will enjoy a $100 discount
  • All payments are final and non-refundable.

Calling for Counselors!!!

YLC Counselor Requirements
Ages: 17 and above
Availability from week of 7/18 to 7/31

Scholarship opportunity available.

To find out how to Apply please click here

About STC Youth Leadership Camp
Since its inception by STC Foundation in 2012, STC Youth Leadership Camp has been a program dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of our future generations. We place great emphasis on elements beyond the academics and encourage our students to work towards bettering themselves and the world around them.
STC順天聯合基金會於2012成立STC青少年領袖品德訓練營 (STC YLC)。自成立以來,STC YLC 一直致力於讓下一代明白,單靠學業無法獲得永恆的成功與快樂。正確的心態、理念和思想品德更能引領我們走向更好的人生道路及為世界帶來正面的影響。
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