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Sunlight, air, and water are three of the most common and universal elements of nature that allow for the continuation of life and growth on Earth. Human morality and its future are likewise influenced by the three elements of “Health, Love, Wisdom” allowing for the preservation of future and development of persona. As such, the future of humankind is in the hands of children. Through STC’s Youth Leadership Camp, we wish to emphasize the importance of these three elements by teaching children to have a sound character, maintain a correct outlook on life, and pursue happiness. These inalienable factors, similar to air, water, and sunlight are essential to promoting a brighter future.

Every year, we put together courses and curricula designed with the three elements of Health Love and Wisdom in mind.  Each activity is carefully chosen for its ability to enhance each of our students’ body, spirit and mind by offering skill building, a sense of community and lasting friendships. By discovering friendships, character values and by having fun we aim for our students to build the self-esteem and leadership ability necessary for their success in the future!

Here are some of our Signature Programs:

  • Community Services such as Adopt-A-Highway
  • Special Programs including Social Dances and Dinning Etiquette
  • Field Trips with Hands-On Experiences
  • Physical Exercises and Team Building Projects
  • Special Topic Seminars
  • Public Service Facility Visits
  • Museum Visits
  • Global Perspective**
  • 3 Day 2 Night Post Graduation Camping

** Starting in 2016, we added Global Perspective to our curriculum, in hopes to expand and encourage in our students understanding and appreciation of different cultures. As explosion on differences is happening in the adult world, we want to reach out to our students early and remind them to keep an open mind towards differences, and appreciate the fact it is our differences make our world complete.

陽光、空氣、水,是三項來自於大自然最常見普遍,但對於萬物生命延續與成長來說卻是最重要的基本元素,而 STC 青少年領袖營所要傳達的理念:「健康、愛、智慧」,對於身為國家未來主人翁的孩子們來說,就是幫助他們 建立正確人生觀、塑造健全品德、追求幸福人生中不可忽略,就如同陽光、空氣、水⼀樣地重要。 

在二十一世紀的今天,地球村的架構與全球化的聲浪席捲之際,國家與國家的疆界是⼀種全新的界定,更加自由地 競爭環境使每個人都必須面對來自四面八方的挑戰。如何盡早完成與世界接軌的準備,是需要從小開始培養、倚靠 健全的教育來賦予他們追尋夢想的能力,而「健康、愛、智慧」正是「STC 順天聯合基金會」所舉辦的「STC 青少 年領袖品德培訓營」希望帶給孩子們追求美好未來、作為成長發展準則的三個信念。

每一年我們都會以健康,愛與智慧為三大要素來設計我們的課程 。 我們精心挑選的每個項目,都希望能夠達到為孩子們建立自信,增進社區責任感和建立長久的友誼,來提升孩子們的身心精神健康。 通過社交能力的增進,正確價值觀的建立,同時又有趣的課程,我們的目標是為這些孩子建立未來成功所需領導能力的奠基!


  • 社區服務,如清掃公路
  • 禮儀課程,包括社交舞和用餐禮儀
  • 戶外教學與實際經驗
  • 運動課程和團隊向心力培養活動
  • 專題導師講課
  • 公共服務設施參訪
  • 博物館參觀
  • 文化國際觀課程**
  • 畢業露營

**從2016年開始,我們在我們的課程中添加了文化國際觀元素,希望能鼓勵孩子們理解及欣賞不同的文化並了解其淵源的重要。 大人的世界會因文化差異而產生分歧,我們希望能早早提醒孩子們對不同的文化認知保持開放並接納的態度。畢盡 是我們的不同拼湊起我們的世界,讓我們的世界更完整。

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Youth Leadership Camp Committee

Advisor: Susan Hsu

Member: Eric Yang, Jason Wan, Roger Chang, Amy Li

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